Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Tag =]

So i have been tagged by Ezziebell, , to do a photo tag.

the rules are:
1. first go to your 'pictures' then simply click your first album of pics
2. count down your photos to your lucky 10th photo. but, it must be a pic that hasnt been tampered with or named and you cant pick one youve already posted on blogger.
3. lastly, post your wonderful pic and tell us the amazingstory that goes with it. then, dont forget to tag 5 more people when your done.

so here is my picture:


I'm on the right side, with the big gold hoops. This is a picture of me and my best friend Angela.
Haha its funny that this picture came up because it is one of our favorites! We were outside of my house and we thought we looked pretty that day so we got our cameras out super fast and took some pictures and this one came out the best. I honestly dont remember where we were going, but most likely it was going to get Chinese food because that is our favoritee! I love you best friend!! <3

Haha i dont really have many friends on here so whoever wants to do this, I TAG YOU =] !!